Eddie Dzial born Real Name Edward Bernard Przydzial HIV Positive Test

Eddie Dzial born Real Name Edward Bernard Przydzial Leaked to pornwikileaks and his wiki got an update and he earned himself a .com. When will this stupid faggot learn not to kick himself. Edward Bernard Przydzial wiki


Edward Bernard Przydzial Positive HIV Test


Lower Your Standards, Monica Foster

Monica Foster continues her pursuit in men who will NEVER show interest in her. Monica Foster needs to realize that men who are hot and successful could NEVER become attracted to her. This picture, which was released not too long ago, proves that Foster isn’t physically attractive and that she never had what it took to succeed as a sex worker. With her cross eyes, her uneven small tits, the fact that she looks like she has down syndrome, Monica Foster boast about herself because she is in a state of disillusion.

Notice that the only kind of men who comment her are old, fat, broke, and unattractive. Never does she get any attention from men who are masculine, financially successful, and are hot!

Lower your standards. FOSTARD!!!

May 2016, a very bad month for Monica Foster

Monica Foster continues to prove that she’s her own worse enemy. This month, Foster will make TWO court appearances in which she is trying to prove that she’s a victim! As we all know, the courts hear BOTH sides of the story and they observe ALL of the facts, unlike Monica Foster who only hears one side of the story, makes up “facts” which turn out to be libel, and etc. Monica Foster will waste the courts time and continue to prove that she’s a retard who is intellectually challenged. Foster put herself into a mess and she has no way out and she’s desperate in trying to avoid it.

May 31st, at 9:00am, Monica Foster is to appear in person for her Summary Judgement. A summary judgement is a hearing in which the adverse party wants the court to go into judgement on the complaint in either the whole complaint or just parts of it. If Monica Foster attends in person, which she should, she won’t know what to do and will embarrass herself even more. The court ordered the Randazza law firm to “help” Foster make good choices so that she can stop making herself look like a fool, but Foster as always put her twist on what was said and has stated that the court ordered them to play fair. The courts are going to eat her up!


Here we go again, more trannies wanting special privileges

Who’s the fag that will take this dude to the prom? 2 dudes for prom king/queen? PWL warned you all. Give trannies special rights and shower former US Olympian Bruce Jenner turned fag in a dress with attention, awards, standing ovations and his own reality show, start calling these dudes “She,” and this is what it turns into. The US of Gay is out of control.

Transgender teen: ‘I’m going to run for prom queen’

Jerry Davich

Should a high school student who was born male but who has long identified as female be crowned prom queen?

Dakota Yorke thinks so.

Yorke, the 18-year-old Portage High School senior, is blazing a trail for other transgender teens amid our country’s “gender panic” these days, including public bathroom usage.

Dakota, her birth name as a baby boy, came home a couple weeks ago and exclaimed to her mother: “I’m going to run for prom queen!”

Transgender teen: ‘I’m going to run for prom queen’

Donny Long kicking and Owning fags while in the USA? 10 years of fun will

Could the porn God be in the USA getting ready to open another studio and start shooting again while kicking the gay mafia? Sure looks like it! See the AMERICAN dollar sign in the MC Donalds sign in the picture behind God Long today and Heather Deep is also wearing a New York hat.


Interesting enough he also posted a photo of Britney Long and Heather kissing him the same way Angelia Long and Candy Long kissed him in a photo over 10 years ago. I put them next to each other to show that the porn god has not aged that much in ten years. Pussy must do a body good!


Here are some tweets from the straight male porn God and Heather and Britney today kicking fags!!!!