Jewish porn camera man MATTHEW PAUL HOLDER, 46, was the former lover of bigoted former porn performer and current cam prostitute MONICA FOSTER. Foster is on a very public anti-Jew campaign and has been for years. We believe the rumor that Holder impregnated Foster and then dropped her. And we believe that this is the reason for her anger and resentment towards the Jews.


American blacks are the most bigoted people in the world, always blaming someone for their own problems but Foster has nothing to complain about. Despite having her world fall apart as a teen, when her homosexual father came out of the closet, she has lived a very privileged life, with two college educated, professional parents. Her unhappiness is a result of her own laziness and entitlement.


Holder is a tall, good looking chap and does well with the ladies. However, that does not mean that he is the one that gave Foster herpes. And being promiscuous herself, chasing the white cock at every opportunity, she can’t prove Holder is to blame.


Monica Foster has looked haggard in recent years on her web cam. She appears much older than her 36 years. Time is running out for her to find a white husband with a full, thick head of hair (One of her many requirements). It is time she drops the Jewish crusade and moves on. Because we know that she would go back to Jew Holder in a heartbeat and create many half Jew babies if she had the chance. Get over it and get a fucking life.

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Tattooed Crack hooker faghag Necro Nicki interview real name needed

This stupid fuck was caught kissing fagass on twitter with the gay mafia so we have debunked her interview with them and posted exclusively here at PWL. If you aren’t familiar with Tattooed up crack hooker Necro Nicki yet, here’s your chance. The ugly as dogshit Tattooed up crack hooker looks worse than that rotten cunt and Pauly Harkers whore both and is only 24 year old brunette but looks 40 and came on the scene in 2014 and is making quite the impression on druggies in the business that like shagging faghag crack hookers for under 50 bucks. This inked whore took some time to give us a glimpse of what makes her tick and what we can expect from her in the future.

How did you get started in the business?
I started out as an extra in a Hustler film called “Lesbian Bubble Bath Bang!” I was the girl getting pissed on in my mouth and then everyone took a dump in my eye sockets. Hustler pointed me into the direction of Burning Angel a company that deals with only Tattooed up old looking fat crack hookers and that’s when I found my crew and love for being a whore!

How did you pick your stage name?
My stage name was picked when I was a front woman for the band Infinite Death. I needed a metal name and some of my friends helped me decide. It stuck with me into being a whore.

What surprised you most about the industry?
The thing that surprised me the most is finding so many friends that are scum just like me. Tattooed up Crack whore Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel’s rule!!!

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about performers?
I believe the biggest misconception is people not understanding WHY. “Do what though wilt” is what I live by. There is a lot of positive about being an whore, one just needs to look into the idea of throwing your whole life away for drugs and HIV while fucking fags all day.

If you weren’t a performer, what would be your “dream” job?
Creating is my happy place. I like to create with music, alternative modeling, painting, fashion, etc. My dream is to continue to live off of creating. I want to show the world what I know. Maybe I can open my very own drug lab, tattoo shop and brothel where I can fit right in.

What is one fact about you that your fans might be surprised by?
They might be surprised that one of my favorite bands is The Beatles. Yes, there have been good bands since them, but they are the fucking best. So many good songs and nothing compares to the sound and meaning that they have made.

Some of your fans may not know that you have been in a few bands. What type of music do you perform? Do you play any instruments?
Most of the bands I’ve performed with have been some sort of metal and we are high out of our minds gangbanging each other! Thrash, heavy metal, djent, death metal, technical death metal, and the list goes on. I’m more of a heavy vocalist myself. I have a keyboard and I’ve kinda tried to play instruments, but it’s not my thing. I like being center of attention, the face of the band, connect with the fans, and write lyrics. Basically scum of the earth loser failure weirdo druggies.

What bands have you been in and or worked with?
I’ve worked with a lot of shitty bands. Infinite Death, Among the Mindless, and Enrot to name a few.

Are you working on any music?
I’m working on this sick little project with Max Murder and it’s perfect. We have a wicked style and most of all we love being whores! Our first song is entitled “The Fisting Song.”

You have some interesting tattoos, like Charles Manson on your butt. Do you have any stories behind them?
The Charles Manson tattoo was a spur of the moment Friday the 13th tattoo when i was high out of my mind on meth and crack like most of my tattoos. I have a star on my left middle finger, which I got to tell people FUCK YOU I’m a druggie whore. Every tattoo I have has some sort of story of being high on something and committing some type of crime.

Speaking of Manson, which Manson girl would you have been?
Well, I am a Manson girl. I’ve written a few letters to him… I am really sick in my head!

What other scenes/movies do you have coming out?
Recently I did a Wednesday Adams parody scene with Burning Angel with some homosexual from gay porn without a test. It’s an anal scene with faggot Ramon Nomar and some other new fag Judas666 I never heard of! Tuesday (Judas) and I make Ramon our semen sacrifice and all gargle cum together. We performed sex magic using vibrations and channeling through demons in each others buttholes.

You were a trophy girl for the inaugural FemDom Awards. How was that experience?
Being a trophy girl for the FemDom Awards was way fun. After each person said their acceptance speech I got to take their trophy away from them. I met awesome people in the femdom community and I’m looking at doing more dominate scenes in the future. The place is full of druggie scumbag weirdos everywhere.

You starred in Burning Angel’s “BBQ Titmasters”. What was it like working on a comedy based porn?
I love comedy porn and if you watch any of my scenes you will laugh out loud at least once, but in a good way. BBQ Tit Masters really opened my eyes to comedy in the industry of how stupid dumb people can be. I was lucky enough to do a scene with homosexual Tommy Pistol and that guy is a real sissy. The orgy scene is dirty as well.

What was it like working with gay porn star Mike Adriano?
Working with faggot Mike Adriano is amazing. His cock is huge. Our scene in Anal Lessons 3″ for Evil Angel got great reviews cause he loves to fuck mens asses and pretended I was a man. I checked today and our scene has gotten over 10,000 views and has had such a positive response for the gay community. We have another scene coming out in April with Juliette March for an gay mafia company Evil Angel DVD called “Rectal Romance” which is a all anal scene again with faggots.

Are there any production companies you would love to work for?
I love this question because there are so many companies out there that I would love to work with. Kink, Wicked, Girlfriend Films, Wood Rocket, Dogfart, BangBros and lots more cause I am a money grubbing hooker always looking to fuck fags for money.

How can producers get in touch with you?
Producers can get in touch with me on twitter or via email at

Who is your favorite male performer? Female?
My favorite male performer is faggot Mike Adriano cause god like Donny Long fuck really hard and pound you like real men and have big dicks that hurt! Fags have small dicks and fuck like sissys so its easy money for a crack hooker like me. One of my favorite female performers is HIV positive crack hooker Bonnie Rotten pimped out by gay child rapist Mark Spiegler. Her bad attitude, passion for eating pussy, squirting, anal with faggots, and her cute little accent make me want to play with her so bad. We need to bang asap.

Do you have a website or a wishlist?
cant afford a website and dont have internet much to check my email

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
My favorite cartoon character is Bart Simpson.
Which movie or tv show do you think would be a perfect porn parody?
I’d love to be Baby in a “Devil’s Rejects” porn parody! And Kelly Bundy in a “Married With Children” parody!!

You attended the AVN fan expo this year with the Burning Angel crew. Was this your first expo? What was it like meeting your fans? Any crazy stories?
It was my first AVN and I was so happy I got to meet so many friends and fuck so many fans for money. Lots of crazy STD’s I got! I enjoyed seeing Joanna perform at the Hustler club and bite off her panties during her performance!! The awards show was a blast and I can’t wait for next year!

If there’s one thing you can say to your fans, what would it be?
Thank you so much for buying my DVDs!! It allows me to grow and keep doing what I love! I get off when you guys get off! If you buy a DVD and post a picture with it I will follow you back. My Twitter is @NecroNickii and my Instagram is @MissNecroNicki! Subscribe to the sites that book me and keep giving me good ratings. Also please keep requesting me to companies and producers to work with faggots so I can get HIV! I love you all <3

Now for the tough question: Kill Fuck Marry. Your choices are Paul Stanley of Kiss, Vince Neil and David Lee Roth. And go!
I’d kill Paul Stanley, fuck Vince Neil, and Marry David Lee Roth. Funny how my answer is in the same order as your question, thank you !

How do you see your future in the industry?
My future is very bright in this industry to get old fat and ugly with HIV and turn into a full time hooker like Mercedes Ashley! I love fucking fags on camera and I know I will continue to shine. Thank you for your support!

You can stalk Nicki directly at

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Porn Wikileaks might be taken offline SHARE THIS

In 2011 Porn Wikileaks made world news across all major media outlets including CCN, Fox, NBC, MSNBC, Gawker and thousands more after its release of over 15,000 porn stars private info including real names and much more onto wiki pages for each person. The website is all about exposing scum that the public needs to be warned about. The site has gained thousands of members that have created and edited thousands of wiki pages with tons of personal info. Many of these wikis have hundreds of thousands of views and take hours to read through a individuals personal private life. Classic wiki pages like Monica Foster or Mercedes Ashley can not only be a shock to read but also have you crying in laughter. The site also has a blog on its front page and a very active forum as well. PWL has become world famous and after being down for over 2 years and coming back online over a year ago the site needs some upgrades and is having financial issues.

The site in 2011 had a huge porntube but after over run with traffic had to be taken down because of large server cost. With PWL’s technology and knowhow it can have the biggest badest porntube on the net and it can get the site a lot of attention. Also the site needs many other upgrades and its server needs to be moved once again.

Due to the fact that so many homosexuals and prostitutes personal life’s and failures and truths have been exposed on the site and they attack it daily more than likely any and all funding post will get taken down by them crying like babies filing false reports to webmasters but we will keep trying to get and keep one alive.

The site and its owners don’t get any money at all to keep it going and the site is very time consuming and expensive to run.


To donate please try this link or if link doesnt work contact us at pornwikileaks at

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Dollie Darko HIV positive from Bonnie Rotten

Word is going around the industry that while Mark Spiegler crack hooker Bonnie Rotten has got sick with HIV that she has given it to Dollie Darko in an anal scene where they where doing “ass to other girls mouth” with a homosexual in a movie for evil angel. Thoughts?

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Her family has been clear about ending their feud and I know for a fact her mom isn’t phased by anything she posts or says…as Darko is mentally brainwashed and confused.The last posts here were sincere…quite sad.All Darko is doing is proving she needs believers.. Its old news and her mother has moved on….doing well…planning a wedding. Prays for Melissa every day.Paul has enemies but that’s his problem…..he knows who and he knows why.If you insist on posting about her family get your facts straight…and learn to type.

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Harker is scared

Someone earned him on Twitter about his big mouth and offensive theories…said he was mentally Ill…within a minute he removed all but his reply…. He’s scared because someone is after him and blocking won’t stop it.Now he’s days he may end his he did FB and Instagram.His girlfriend posted her mothers private convo on her header…conveniently leaving out her verbal they don’t realize is their enemies are increasing and if she doesn’t remove it the courts will
IRS/ FBI….try to ” hate” them. Paul Parker is on borrowed time.If Bonnie Rotten is truly sick then Darko better test again….made a “film” with her.Taking HIV tests means nothing if the infected person tested before it was detectable.Delusional. Both of them are playing with fire……

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Mercedes Ashley winning LOL

Just like all other fags and faghags and gay mafia like Pauly Harker, Mike South, Sean Fagkins, and others now HIV infested hooker Mercedes Ashley joined the club and has come to the conclusion that Donny Long and PWL cant be beaten and that the only choice she has if she doesnt want to kick herself is to call this below winning!

You are blocked from following @mercedesashley and viewing @mercedesashley’s Tweets.


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A day in the life of Mercedes Ashley

Mercedes Ashley ‏@mercedesashley 20h20 hours ago
Leaving Beverly Hills. Clear for now..wi,, go to the house and study till the bars close,,then it gets busy again.

Mercedes Ashley ‏@mercedesashley 20h20 hours ago
That’s when all the drunks call. The ones that misbehave. Lol.

Mercedes Ashley ‏@mercedesashley 18h18 hours ago
Got up to page 26 in php studies. Duty calls. Heading to Buena Park.

So basically this nasty lying HIV grandma hooker that cheats uncle sam out of all the money she is making goes around the valley fucking drunken Johns for a quick 50 dollars all day and night to pay for her crack habbit. This hooker is really a waist of oxygen.

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Germans need to be seperated from the rest of the world

I personally hate these German coward sons of bitches. Germans are rude fucked in the head assholes that should not be aloud to mingle with the rest of the world. They all have big mouths till they get knocked the fuck out and are cowards just like in the war when Americans kicked there sorry asses. Just in the last few years I have had the pleasure of beating the fuck out of 3 different German assholes in bar fights for them being the loud rude assholes that they are. I look forward to the next time I get to pound one into the pavement, I really do.

Did you know that statistics say Germans have the 2nd largest child rape statistics out of anyone in the world? Germans are raised to think child rape is ok. Did you know Germany has the 2nd largest crime rate in the world?

Now with all this said why the fuck would anyone be stupid enough to let a fucking German sicko asshole fly an airplane so they can kill everyone onboard?

Next they will be letting depressed homosexuals fly planes jezzzzz

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