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Riley Steele born Real Name Brittni Anne Palmer

is a pornographic whore, and Hooker. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Brittni Anne Palmer Born Date Of Birth: August 26, 1987 Contact email: Twitter: @xxxRiley


Grace Evangeline is back to whoring

First off, I wouldn’t consider this woman to be a porn star. She has no rewards under her belt and she hasn’t done anything that would classify her as a pornstar!

What happened to being a nurse, smart ass? I guess the hospitals won’t keep a woman who they find out sucked dick to make money.

Southern charm my ass, this woman double teams with Sean Tompkins in online harassment and cyber bullying and doesn’t stop when she’s asked too. It used to be a triple threat the biggest coward in the Pornstar industry, Cindi Spiegler, was on Twitter.

I can’t imagine having a failed nurse who whores herself and bullies people online as a mother!

This is why I say Yes to Prop 60 when it comes to people in the industry like this. Then it’ll make it easier to sue them when they get online and harass and bully people. People like her, Tompkins, and Cindi Spiegler (which is really just a fake name Sean Tompkins and friends use to bully people) is why the porn industry needs to suffer a major blow to it.

Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero

Last week we asked why Kandace Kayne who claimed she hated the adult industry, still continues to use her porn name [[see full story here]].

Now she claims it’s because she doesn’t want any of you “creeps” ooops I mean her fans to know her real name is Emily Santarsiero. That’s her excuse why she continues to stay connected to porn.


Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero

kandace-kayne-678x381 kandace-kayne-aka-emily-santarsiero

For months’s she been attacking anyone and everyone in the industry. She called New Sensations pedophiles. She talked shit about Greg Lansky from She attacked her past three agents, including the most recent Kendra Lust who rumor has it, she owes thousands of dollars to. The other day she attacked a professional industry reviewer Captain Jack for who knows what.

But now she’s actually making threats of a tell all book and a series of YouTube videos about her 5 minutes in porn. lol

Kandace Kayne aka Emily Santarsiero


Kendra Lust real name Michele Anne Mason

Kendra Lust real name is Michele Anne Mason which is her married last name. Not know the maiden.
Her husbands’ name is Charles Mason Jr. he’s an retired Detroit cop and they have a daughter named Br#W$%^.
Most of the info came from the obituary of her late father-in-law:…-3/#!/Obituary
There is also a family photo from Thanksgiving…4-34f58f533900
She also writes on obituary wall how wonderful father-in-law was… what a whore!!!
Also her real name is shown on her trademark license on Consent Statement section.…-86658681.html

Christian Wians Sucks At Triathlons, Quits Ironman Maryland

Due to bad weather, the Ironman Maryland course was altered causing Christian Michael Wians gay porn name Christianxxx to just quit and go home with his tail between his legs. He sucks at these anyway and routinely finishes with embarrassing times. Doing these unnecessary races will just cause Wians to need joint surgery and replacement sooner so we’re sorry it was cut short and that he didn’t do the most damage possible or best case scenario have a catastrophic bike wipe-out. There’s always next time.

Straight Porn God Ron Jeremy, 63, is questioned by police after he hits pedestrian in Beverly Hills sending him to the hospital!

Ron Jeremy, an adult film actor and director, allegedly hit a pedestrian with his vehicle in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old was making a left turn when he made contact with the person. He told police he did not see the man crossing in front of him.

The victim was later hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries

Ron stated that he did not see the man whom he ‘nicked.’ It was added the victim wore black clothing.

Alcohol and drugs were not part of the incident, according to police.

In a photo, it appears that he was handcuffed, but both law enforcement and Ron dismiss the claims. He did not receive a citation but an investigation is still proceeding.

On Thursday the actor participated in a debate.

The Great Porn Debate took place at the Proctors GE Theater in New York.

The evening featured the adult film actor facing off with Craig Gross, the Christian pastor of, a site aimed to assist those with marriage, porn, sex and relationship situations.

Ron, born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, began his career as a model for Playgirl.

The actor has reportedly starred in around the same amount of pornographic films as fellow straight male porn god Donny Long; 2,216. He has directed 285.


Monica Foster keeps tweeting about “MPH,” Matty Paul Holder – Just stop it. This is a man with a family and a wife that he sleeps next to every night. You hug your pillow and masturbate while thinking of him and show pictures of your unshaven crotch while mentioning him, this is way beyond a fatal attraction. Maybe if you worked on your life you could get another MPH and start getting laid and move on from all this. But here’s the catch – No man will support you. You won’t get that kind of man. You must lower your standards. You will need to be a two income couple so you will need to roll up your sleeves and get a real job. Attractive and relatively young white collar professional men are out of the question for you. Expand your search to include black men. Yes, many black men are violent deadbeats and cheapskates but you aren’t all that yourself. Seek out blue collar types and artist types. Do not rule out alcoholics and drug addicts as you are one of those also and have something in common with them. Look for men that don’t want kids as that ship has sailed for you. You are unfit to be a parent. You can do this if you just get over the MPH hurdle and move on. He didn’t want you, he has another woman and a child now. Time to accept this.